Is it hard to go from an understanding of Parts to a place where you’re actively doing the work to create the change you want? Get help making Parts Work easier to do so you can live happier.

I’ve Got You…

Ever had a moment when you hear about something new and it’s like clouds parting and angels singing? That was me when I first heard about Parts Work. Suddenly my whole life made sense.

There was a reason I’d stand at the refrigerator eating ice cream straight from the container, even though I thought I was committed to losing weight.

There was a reason I’d yell at my husband about not picking up his socks, even though I’m looking at my unfolded laundry pile as I’m yelling.

I had Parts! Triggered Parts of me wanted the pain to stop and they knew ice cream (or yelling at someone else) was a sure-fire way to stuff the pain down.

Parts Work was one of those things that resonated like someone touched a tuning fork to my soul.

So I got certified in Internal Family Systems, IFS. Fast forward to today, I’ve helped hundreds of clients in a variety of ways, such as:

– Releasing the pain of past traumas
– Feeling more compassionate and confident in life
– Having the energy to pursue life dreams and goals
– Fostering better relationships with partners and family
– Being happier and feeling more connected
– And so much more…

I’m not after clients for life. I want to teach you to fish.

I believe that with a great IFS Teacher, you CAN master Parts Practice and completely change the way you live. You can help yourself feel more energy, joy, and inner peace!

Most people, even when they know they have Parts, find it hard to stick to a Parts Practice.

Without consistent practice and some sense of progress, it’s hard to stay invested. It’s easy to get pulled back into old patterns like being taken over by Parts and feeling bad about things you did while a Part was driving the bus.

Life is just so much harder.

And yet… You can live differently.

You can learn the skills to engage your Parts with confidence and ease.

And you can learn simple, effective ways to incorporate those skills into your everyday life.

Let me teach you how to fish and you’ll find you have a life-long resource to help you experience more calm, confidence, curiosity, clarity, and creativity.


Never wonder what to do with your Parts again.

I believe making positive life changes shouldn’t be so hard.

Hi! I’m Laura Lively.

I’m a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and a Certified Life Coach. Not familiar with Internal Family Systems? IFS is an evidence-based healing model in Parts Work. It helps you get to know those nagging inner voices in your head so you can turn them into allies (instead of trying to get them to shut up or go away).

I found IFS when I joined an online eating program where I shed over 160 lbs. (I’ve kept it off for years now.) IFS was the secret sauce that enabled me to finally change lifelong issues with my weight in a sustainable way. Needless to say, I was hooked…

Fast forward to today and I’ve facilitated over 1,000 IFS Sessions with clients and seen people transform their health, relationships, and sense of well-being. Here’s what I know to be true:

Parts work changes your life when you do it consistently (not just during sessions). Making Parts Practice an easy habit to adopt is my favorite skill to teach people. Because I know when you regularly connect with your Parts, you build trust where it matters most… with yourself!

In fact, I wholeheartedly believe the world would be a better place if everyone knew how to acknowledge and embrace their parts. I’m on a mission to make that possible for more people! I’d love to help YOU get a little closer to welcoming every Part of you so you can live a more confident, courageous, creative life.

Here’s How We Do It…

Work with (not against) your Parts

Learn to consistently work with your Parts in a gentle, compassionate way that helps you feel calmer, happier, and more alive.

Get a custom coaching plan 

Get tailored support and practice using skills that help you feel confident that you can handle the ups and downs of life.

Transform how you feel about you

When you feel okay the way you are you’ll naturally live a more confident, courageous, creative life! (The world’s your playground at that point…)

What People Are Saying…

  • “I’ve had some tough things happen in my past which have kept me from living fully in the present. After working with Laura I am so excited to be able to accept my past, embrace my current place in life and look forward to the future because I have embraced the Parts of me and learned to work with them on my own. I have referred numerous people to Laura because she is a master at teaching people how to work with their Parts.”

  • “50 years of therapy and I’ve made more progress in 5 months of doing IFS than I did in 50 years!”

    Wendy L.
  • “I was so resistant to doing this work.  But it’s like a miracle.  Thank you so much for helping me find such great joy in life again!!”

    Pam I.
  • “Laura Lively came and spoke to one of my private coaching groups about IFS Parts Work and all I can say is WOW! She’s got such a compassionate and wonderful way of teaching and the experiential component of the hour was powerful! My group was deeply inspired and still talking about it! “

    Sarah Seidelmann MD, Coach and Shamanic Mentor