Do you long to be someone who fits in the world?

Someone who doesn’t have to size up every chair with arms to see if it’ll dig into your hips and leave bruises later?

Do you wish you had more control over your eating habits?

That you could walk into a restaurant and easily choose a healthy meal over a greasy burger and fries (without feeling insanely deprived)?

If you’re like I was, you’ve probably been struggling with your weight and body image for awhile. And your relationship with food is anything but peaceful. In fact, the idea of having peace around food may be so foreign it’s difficult to even conjure up what that would look like. Let me help you…

Imagine, going hours without thinking about what you’re going to eat next.

Imagine being free from obsessing over whether or not you should have that cookie or the next slice of pizza.

Imagine having the internal resources to stick to healthier habits, even when you feel yourself being pulled off course.

In order to have that kind of peace with food, you need a few things:

* An understanding of what’s really driving your cravings so you can deal with them effectively

* The self-compassion to handle life’s little slips without going completely off the rails

* A way to tap into your inspiration and motivation so you can keep going when you want to quit

The problem is you’ve probably got a history of letting yourself down when it comes to making healthy changes (and you’re not alone in that) which can make you feel out of control, desperate, and ashamed (if you’re anything like me or the women I’ve worked with).



I believe making healthy life changes shouldn’t be so hard.

Hi, I’m Laura and I understand how easy it is to get resigned to things just being stuck the way they are. After all, you’ve tried everything, right?

I know firsthand how painful it can be because I struggled with my weight my whole life. And I was fat-shamed on a plane when I boarded as a 300-pound passenger. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. I honestly thought I’d never get into a right-size body.

And yet, I did. I lost 147 pounds, completely transformed the way I eat and have sustained it for years. Now, I help women, like you, change their lives and their relationships with food for the better.

Here’s How We Do It…

Explore what’s keeping you stuck in patterns of overeating

Hint: it’s not the food. It’s usually your thinking. I like to say it’s not the fat on our plates. It’s the “fat” between our ears. It’s the parts of us that want to eat because that’s how they learned to survive in life. We’ll address those parts in a gentle, compassionate way that empowers you to make healthier decisions for yourself for the rest of your life.

Create a custom coaching plan to work through those patterns

As you change your eating habits, you’ll get the skills you need to handle cravings, the urge to quit, and all the emotions that come up when we finally stop overeating. You’ll get tailored support and practices you can use so you feel confident that you can handle the ups and downs of eating differently.

Transform the way you relate to food and to yourself

You’ll discover a new way to be with yourself so you can feel your feelings instead of stuffing them down with food. You’ll know how to confidently lose the weight and keep it off. And best of all, you’ll finally be able to keep your promises to yourself when it comes to food (that was the biggest transformation for me – trust like that is truly priceless).

Starting an Eating Plan is the Easy Part

How You Can Get Support…

Get a complimentary 50-minute Peaceful Eating Breakthrough Session

Together, we’ll assess your current struggles and determine a way forward that’ll help you stop feeling stuck, ashamed, or like you failed again and start to feel confident, courageous and in charge of your life.

What People Are Saying…

  • “I saw Laura because I was pretty frustrated by a 10 lb weight fluctuation that I couldn’t seem to get under control. Through our work together, I finally understood what was happening (internally) and was able to make the change I needed (in my thinking) to finally be more peaceful with this. It amazes me how much can move in a single hour, especially when you’re working with a skilled, compassionate facilitator like Laura.

    Shannon Crossman
  • “Laura Lively lives up to her last name. She’s incredibly lively and full of heart. The space she creates is very safe for me and my parts to show up and be seen. Her facilitation is particularly spot-on because she knows how to follow the energy in a parts work session.

    Sometimes there’s much need for talking and sometimes energy moves profoundly in silence.

    Laura is an excellent facilitator because she does her own work. She’s aware of her own parts and cares for them while in session with me. She has a natural curiosity for parts, whether hers or mine. This modeling gives me the courage to be curious when I get into hard places with my own parts. I am SO GRATEFUL to do parts work with Laura often. I highly recommend you consider doing the same.”

    Karla D.
  • “Several months into my eating plan, I was very committed to it but there wasn’t much peace around it. After working with Laura, my reactions, thinking and the way I am in the world has changed. It’s made being on my food program so much easier. I know my weight loss is sustainable now! If I wasn’t doing this work, I wouldn’t be able to deal with the parts of me that get upset or stop the parts of me that want to eat off my food plan. Laura is amazing at what she does and I’ve grown leaps and bounds since our sessions started. I feel like a new person!

  • “I’d sustained a weight loss of 50 lbs for 30 years, but I still binged on a regular basis. I’d never gone through an emotionally hard time without turning to food. After working with Laura, for the first time, I am able to discern very distinct aspects of me that have been driving my behavior for years. Being able to identify, acknowledge, and listen to them brings me relief from the cycle of binging, remorse, recommitment, and disappointing repeat behavior that I’ve lived with even while maintaining a reasonable weight. Now, I’ve lost 30 more pounds and am in a normal-sized body. My life has a new spaciousness. I’m very grateful.”