About Laura

Hi!  I’m Laura Lively.

I’m a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and a Certified Life Coach. Not familiar with Internal Family Systems? IFS is an evidence-based healing model in Parts Work. It helps you get to know those nagging inner voices in your head so you can turn them into allies (instead of trying to get them to shut up or go away).

I found IFS when I joined an online eating program where I shed over 160 lbs. (I’ve kept it off for years now.) IFS was the secret sauce that enabled me to finally change lifelong issues with my weight in a sustainable way. Needless to say, I was hooked…

Fast forward to today, and I’ve facilitated over 1,000 IFS Sessions with clients and seen people transform their health, relationships, and sense of well-being. Here’s what I know to be true:

Parts Work changes your life when you do it consistently (not just during sessions). Making Parts Practice an easy habit to adopt is my favorite skill to teach people. Because I know when you regularly connect with your Parts, you build trust where it matters most… with yourself!

In fact, I wholeheartedly believe the world would be a better place if everyone knew how to acknowledge and embrace their parts. I’m on a mission to make that possible for more people! I’d love to help YOU get a little closer to welcoming every Part of you so you can live a more confident, courageous, creative life.