Putting Your Parts Work Into Practice

Putting Your Parts Work Into Practice

a 90-day text program to help you find more peace, taught by Laura Lively

Is it hard to stay in touch with the Parts that come up in your IFS sessions?

Do you wish you could make connecting to your Parts a daily habit?

By now you know you have Parts and you probably know that staying in touch with them is helpful. Yet, it can be hard to find the time (or even remember) to check in with your parts throughout the day.

What if there was an easy way for you to build trusting relationships with your Parts and deepen your ability to live a less reactive life?

I can show you how, but first let’s talk about why it’s so important…

Have you ever overreacted to news before you had the whole story?

Recently my sister was staying with me. I love my sister more than my own life, but one day when I came home from the grocery store, my Parts wanted to strangle her…

My husband, Ray, met me in the driveway and said, “Your poor sister. She left the back door open and couldn’t find Quinn (our cat).” Immediately Part of me was screaming, “WTF? She knows we have cats! How could she have been so careless?”

Luckily, because of my Parts work practice, the screaming was all on the inside. I didn’t explode like I used to. Instead, I took a deep breath and listened to my Parts. I asked them to breathe with me. I searched my husband’s face for clues as to how this ended. He seemed calm. So I took another breath, and my parts stepped back and waited.

Ray let me know Quinn had been tucked away asleep in my closet the entire time. I took one last deep breath, grateful I’d managed to keep my Parts calm and not blown up at my poor husband!

Here’s what I know about moments like this…

When your system trusts you to lead, your reactive Parts can stand down and allow you to manage the situation, whether it’s a near miss with your favorite pet or a medical emergency with your mom.

But how do you go from reactive to responsive? It’s all about Self-Energy.

Living from Self-Energy is a practice. It’s a muscle you build over time. And there are concrete, simple skills you can learn to support you in Living from Self-Energy more and more. Until you find yourself having a moment like I did in that driveway. A moment where a past version of you would have gone off, but the you who leads from Self-Energy has a choice.

It’s one of the most powerful choices you’ll ever make — to pause and hold onto yourself so you can respond to life.

I’d like to show you how to get there…

What You’ll Get

You’ll Learn How To:

  • make Parts work a daily practice so you can easily recognize when a Part is activated and do something about it (besides blowing up)
  • work with a variety of different Parts so you feel prepared for whatever life brings your way
  • build your sense of self-trust so you know you’ll have the resources to respond when Parts are activated

It Might Feel Frustrating at First…

Developing new habits is hard. For the first week or two, Parts of you may rebel, freak out, tell you, “this is stupid/never going to work, etc.” But if you stick with it, you’ll find (as my clients have reported) that a breakthrough happens.

Suddenly, you notice the effects of your daily practice. You feel freer and more at ease. You no longer feel so swept away by your emotions. You have more Self-Energy and life goes a lot more smoothly.

Science says it takes at least 66-days to create a new habit. That is why we’ve provided you a full 90-days of reminders so that you’ll be fully in the groove when you’ve completed the texts.

You Gain Confidence…

Because you know how to lean into your practices and get some space between the moment you get triggered by life and the moment you do something about it.

This Might Not Be For You If…

This might not be for you if you have advanced Parts experience and have a regular practice for checking in with your parts.

“Every day you show up, your parts develop a little more trust in you. It’s a bit like building a relationship with a child that’s been neglected — you just need to be there, consistently.” — Laura Lively

Are you ready to experience more trust and less reactivity? It’s easy to get started…

1. Check-in with Your Parts

Get support so you can regularly show up for your parts and create loving, respectful relationships with them

2. Practice the Art of Pausing

Develop your ability to stop in the moment when something in life sets you off, so you can choose how to respond

3. Strengthen Your Self-Energy

The more you check-in with your parts and pause throughout the day, the more confident you’ll feel that you can Live from Self-Energy


Putting Your Parts Work Into Practice

Putting Your Parts Work Into Practice


Get support making Parts Work a practice you can lean into. You’ll receive three daily MMS messages right on your phone for 90 days. Daily messages include:

  • Two touch-base messages
  • One thought-provoking message
  • Helpful tips and insights

This program will help you be aware of your Parts as you go about your daily life. Recognizing your Parts when they’re activated is the difference between reacting (blowing up) and being able to consciously decide how you’d like to respond to what’s happening.

When you develop the habit of checking in with your Parts regularly, you can live a calmer, more courageous, and creative life.

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FAQ Practicing Parts Work

  • What if my phone makes me download MMS images instead of opening them automatically?

    If you’re using an Android phone, try these steps:

    – Open Messages by Google-
    – Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner
    – Tap Settings
    – Tap Advanced
    – Make sure Auto-download MMS is toggled right, it will turn blue
    Make sure Auto-download MMS when roaming is toggled right, it will turn blue

    Most major iPhone carriers are set up so that this isn’t a problem. All MMS messages are set to automatically download by default.

  • Will all my Parts be healed at the end of the 90-days?

    Hello, Perfectionistic Part, I see you. I know how badly we all would like to be completely healed. Working with your Parts is a journey not a destination. At the end of the 90-days, if you’ve stopped to check in with your Parts three times per day, you will have more access to Self Energy. Your Parts will be more relaxed and have more trust in you and more likely to allow you to lead your life.

  • Don’t I need to ask elaborate, specific questions to engage my parts?

    No. Just ask them how they are. Ask if they need anything. And listen for a moment.

  • If my parts don’t talk back, am I doing it wrong?

    Absolutely not. The point of us checking in with our Parts is not for them to talk to us, though they might. The point is for them to come to trust that we will consistently be there for them.